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How to use crimps

Nov 21, 2014

Depending on what tools you have available to you, there are many different ways to secure a crimp onto your piece of jewellery. Ideally, the best tool to use to secure your crimp is a crimping tool. Once your crimp is strung and looped into position on your piece, place the crimp into the back section of the jaws of the crimping tool and press it closed one time. This should create a crease in the middle of the crimp. Next, place the crimp in the front section of the jaws with the crease facing towards the person holding the crimping tool. Once the crimp is in position, press squeeze the crimp in half. After that rotate the crimp and squeeze it again, and then rotate it once more and squeeze it one last time. This will create a nice rounded, secure crimp.

If you do not have a crimping tool available to you, you can secure a crimp with a pair of chain or round nosed pliers. To secure a crimp using this method, simply squeeze your crimp shut once it is looped and in position on your piece. This method, however, can leave sharp edges on your crimp and can potentially scratch the neck or the arm of the user.

Whether you use a crimping tool or a plier to secure your crimp onto your piece, we always like to attach a crimp cover over the sealed crimp to create a nice finish at the end of the piece. To do this, simply slide the cover over the closed crimp and secure it using which ever tool you used to fasten your crimp. 

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