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Setting Round Four Claw Wine Glass W4 Raw [114]

The focal point of any ring is usually the diamond or precious stone resting in the middle. Ring settings allow these stones to sit securely and in full display on the band. RegentCo offers a wide range of ring settings and jewellery findings to appeal to every taste and design. Claw ring settings are one of the most common and classic, and typically features between four and six claws gripping the stone tightly and holding it securely in place.

Thanks to its versatility, these ring settings can be used for a number of stylish ring designs to suit all personal tastes. Customise and personalise your jewellery making and take it to the next level with Regentco. Here we feature our pressed, four claw wine glass setting for round diamonds and gemstones. Available in 9ct and 18ct: white and yellow gold.

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Setting Round Four Claw Wine Glass W4 Raw

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