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Two tips to make wire components identical

Nov 20, 2014

When making wire jewellery pieces that require multiples of the same component by hand, it can be difficult to make sure that all components look uniform and are the same size. Here are some handy tricks that you can do to make all of these matching components the same size and make your finished pieces look more professional!

  1. Use a fine tip sharpie to mark either your tools or your wire itself while making your components. The fine sharpie will leave a visible line, and it is easy to remove after you’re done. If you are making loops, you can mark your round nosed pliers directly to ensure that all loops come out the same size. If you are making multiple components at once, you can directly mark the wires all at the same time to indicate a bend or a curve, or to create a uniform length!
  2. Make convenient measuring templates using everyday house hold items!  For straight pieces you can use various items, such as a Popsicle stick or a toothpick, to measure length. You can either leave marks on these items or you can use the item as a whole unit of measure, or a mixture of the two. If you are making a piece that isn’t straight, we would recommend using a twist tie (like the ones that are found with garbage bags). Once you mark out the desired length, you can use the flexibility of the twist tie to mould it into your desired shape and measure anything that is curved.

In addition to these tips, we could recommend making all of your multiples at the same time. This is because your mind and hands will be in the cyclic rhythm of making that piece, which will help create uniformity in your pieces. 

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