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Tennis Bracelet 15Pt Polished [9011]

The tennis bracelet has been one of the most popular jewellery pieces for women over the years due to its flexible structure and dainty and attractive features. With a pretty tennis bracelet, you can look stylish and sparkly at the same time, making it a highly sought-after accessory. Also called eternity or inline bracelets, these are loved and admired by women all over the world. Tennis bracelets are the perfect jewellery piece to spruce up a formal outfit but also works well for active women on the go.

But where did the name ‘tennis bracelet’ come from? It’s simple really. Back in 1987 during a vigorous match, tennis star Chris Evert stopped an official game for one reason – to pick up her diamond bracelet that became unclasped and fell onto the court. Word got around and before you knew it, people were calling it a tennis bracelet and the name just stuck. At Regentco, we feature a classic tennis bracelet mount for 15pt stones, available in 18ct white gold.

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Tennis Bracelet 15Pt Polished

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